Immunization rates tied to cost, social networks

Researchers have found that public immunization rates may be more sensitive to changes in a vaccination Read More »

Testing under way for malaria vaccine

A malaria vaccine for children, dubbed RTSS, is currently being tested in Uganda. Read More »

Immunovaccine adds Albert Scardino to its board of directors

Officials with Immunovaccine Inc. recently announced that Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Albert Scardino has joined its board of directors. Read More »

Third EEE fatality reported in Florida

The third recorded fatality in southern Florida this year attributed to Eastern Equine Encephalitis has many area residents wondering what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones. Read More »

Case Western creates new means of tracking malaria

Case Western Reserve University investigators have recently used tailored genetic assays and non-traditional mathematical analysis to uncover and track the deadliest forms of drug-resistant malaria. Read More »

Scientists close to leprosy vaccine

Scientists from the Infectious Disease Research Institute of Seattle hope to have a new leprosy vaccine ready for safety trials by 2011. Read More »

Seasonal influenza vaccines approved

Officials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced last week that they have approved vaccines for the 2010-2011 influenza season. Read More »

Pertussis cases on the rise nationally

While health officials in California have reported the seventh infant death in the state this year, other states across the country are beginning to report an increase in pertussis whooping cough cases. Read More »

Nebraska reports increase in pertussis infections

Nebraska is the latest state to show a surge in pertussis, or whooping cough, cases, while national totals continue to rise. Read More »

WHO withdraws pre-qualification of Sanofi-Aventis vaccine

The French drug manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis announced on August 3 that one of its subsidiaries in India, Shantha Biotechnics Ltd., had failed to meet quality standards for the World Health Organization with regards to its Shan5 combination vaccine. Read More »

Florida reports increase in dengue fever infections

Officials with the Florida Department of Health have confirmed an increase in the number of cases of dengue fever in the Key West area. Read More »

Vaccine may block tumor growth for some cancers

An experimental vaccine may be able to block tumor growth in some forms of cancer even when an immune system has become suppressed, a recent Journal of Clinical Investigation study has revealed. Read More »

Cholera outbreak hits Cameroon

Northern Cameroon is facing an outbreak of cholera that has left 94 dead and appears to be spreading. Read More »

Oxfam say West Africa not prepared for outbreaks

Oxfam and the U.N. Children Read More »

UNICEF and Who aiding Angola polio immunization drive

Officials with UNICEF and the World Health Organization have put out a call to all sectors of government and the community to help participate in Angola Read More »

First hospital to mandate flu vaccinations reports on success

Officials with Seattle Read More »

Doctor who isolated measles virus dies

Dr. Thomas Peebles, the doctor who isolated a strain of the measles virus that lead to the creation of a vaccine, died on July 8 at his home in Port Charlotte, Fla., at the age of 89. Read More »

Experts say America not ready for mumps outbreak

American Read More »

Doctors told to avoid one flu shot brand for small kids

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended that doctors not use one specific brand of flu vaccine this upcoming influenza season due to problems with the vaccine in Australia and New Zealand. Read More »

Rotavirus vaccines save poorest children

Researchers in Asia and Africa said this week that trials have shown rotavirus vaccines can save the lives of young children and that vaccination programs should begin immediately. Read More »