Promising signs reported for vaccine to stop smoking

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals has reported promising signs in the early clinical trials for its vaccine to aid people in stopping smoking. Read More »

Australian flu vaccine maker denies bad batch cause for illnesses

A Melbourne-based pharmaceutical company that made the flu vaccine being implicated in a rash of Western Australia children falling ill and one death has denied that a bad batch of vaccine is the result. Read More »

Human clinical trials to start on Dynavax's flu vaccine

Drug developer Dynavax has announced that human clinical trials will begin soon for its vaccine that is intended to protect against several flu strains. Read More »

Needles may be more effective than tablets, study says

Researchers at the Trudeau Institute have made a new discovery that may allow for the delivery of more effective vaccines to prevent chronic parasitic worm infections. Read More »

Sabin Vaccine Institute appoints new CEO

The Sabin Vaccine Institute has announced that Michael W. Marine, the former U.S. Ambassador to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, has been appointed as the institute's new chief executive officer. Read More »

ImuXen vaccines receive positive test results

Positive results have been received by the biopharmaceutical Lipoxen for two of its ImuXen proprietary candidates for influenza vaccine and malaria vaccine. Read More »

H1N1 vaccine doses expiring nationwide

Thousands of doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine in Florida are on the verge of expiration or have already expired following a dip in demand for the vaccine. Read More »

India admits errors in drug testing that lead to six deaths

Proper guidelines for trials of an HPV vaccine among young girls in India were not followed, the Union Health Ministry admitted this week. Read More »

Recall and destruction recommended for Shan5 vaccines

A recall and destruction for all of the lots of Shantha Biotechnics pentavalent Shan5 vaccines has been recommended by the World Health Organization as a precautionary measure following the discovery of undissolved white sediments in the vaccine. Read More »

Flu vaccinations hit record levels last year

A record 40 percent of adults and children, fearing swine flu, received the ordinary seasonal flu last year, federal health officials said this week. Read More »

Major vaccination campaign to start in Haiti

A major immunization campaign will begin on Saturday in Haiti to give life-saving vaccinations to an estimated 60,000 Haitian children, the United Nations Children's Fund has announced. Read More »

Outbreak of polio in Europe investigated

Technical experts have been sent by the World Health Organization to Tajikistan to investigate an outbreak of seven polio cases in the country. Read More »