Flu pandemic may change U.S. flu approach forever, officials say


As H1N1 flu wanes, so does public's fear?, CDC director says

The good news on the H1N1 swine flu front is that the number of cases of infection continues to decrease and the vaccine supply is now plentiful, HealthDay News reported. Read More »

Research reveals further progress toward AIDS vaccine


India's health ministry to initiate impact study on pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Along with rolling out the (five-in-one vaccine to check pneumonia as planned, the union health ministry will launch an impact study in one high-mortality state before deciding on introducing pneumococcal conjugate vaccine as part of the India Read More »

Immunovaccine to proceed with trial for its cancer vaccine


England made progress against tuberculosis, but more needs done, report says

National Health Service efforts to tackle tuberculosis in England are improving, but worryingly nearly 18 percent TB hot spot areas, and 60 percent of all areas, still don't have a strategy in place to tackle the disease. Read More »

Canadian officials discuss fate of surplus H1N1 vaccine doses

TORONTO Read More »

Genocea Biosciences awarded grant to develop of Chlamydia vaccine

Cambridge, Mass. Read More »

WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against H1N1

GENEVA Read More »

Measles kill 22 in Zimbabwe

Measles primarily affects children younger than 5 and can lead to blindness, inflammation of the middle ear, brain damage and death. Read More »

Vical reports benefits of DNA technology platform with vaccine for H1N1 flu

SAN DIEGO Read More »

Distributor BDI Pharma launches online ordering site for vaccines

BDI Pharma Inc., a national distributor of biotech therapies, unveiled an online supply solution for health care workers to acquire a wide variety of vaccines. Read More »

Free Mexican holidays offered to diarrhea vaccine guinea pigs

Intercell is offering free flights and hotel accommodation to 900 volunteers being recruited in the UK and Germany who are prepared to test a remedy for travelers Read More »

Sinovac seeks to conduct trial for vaccine against hand, foot, and mouth disease

BEIJING Read More »

It may take a year to conquer H1N1 flu pandemic, WHO official says

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TB figures continue to increase in the United Kingdom

The number of people developing tuberculosis continues to increase despite earlier signs of stabilizing, according to a report released Dec. 2 by the United Kingdom Read More »

Swedish research might point to stomach cancer vaccine

GOTHENBURG, Sweden Read More »

Short-term school closings doesn't block flu outbreaks, researchers say

Short-term school closings are not an effective way to block the spread of influenza viruses, and may even be counterproductive, Pennsylvania researchers have found. Read More »

Trudeau Institute to receive $1.6 million more for vaccine program

SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. Read More »

Sharks killed for oil used in H1N1 flu vaccine

Vaccines being made to protect people from H1N1 flu may not be so healthy for threatened species of sharks, National Geographic News reported Dec. 29. Read More »