Pfizer wins Europe approval for new vaccine

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GSK, Intercell enter deal to develop needle-free, patch-based vaccines

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Oncothyreon's cancer vaccine trial starts in Asia

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CDC Flu Wrap

The Centers for Disease Control has reported 16 flu-related deaths among children across nine states during the week ending December 5. Read More »

Vaccination key to stemming rotavirus, experts say

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Vaccine to treat gum disease may be on the way, companies say

A vaccine to treat severe gum disease is being developed in a new collaboration announced Dec. 10 between Sanofi Pasteur and CSL Limited. Read More »

Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV, scientists show

Researchers have for the first time demonstrated that human blood stem cells can be engineered into cells that can target and kill HIV-infected cells Read More »

Hospitalizations, deaths higher among indigenous people, MMWR reports

Indigenous populations from Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been found to have a three to eight times higher rate of hospitalization and death associated with infection with the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus. Read More »

Israel says it will send more H1N1 vaccine to Gaza, where 2 more die

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Fast method for preparing flu vaccine developed

Someday, effective vaccines might be produced two to four times the speed of vaccines manufactured in fertilized chicken eggs, according to a researcher in the Netherlands. Read More »

Several serious illnesses missing from U.S. vaccination plan, report says

While vaccines help prevent many diseases in the United States, the nation lacks immunization protection against several serious illnesses, according a new report from the Institute of Medicine. Read More »

Crucell may add polio to protect vaccine sales, Reuters reports


800,000 doses of pediatric H1N1 vaccine recalled because of potency, CDC says


Study of vaccine against Clostridium difficile expands into the U.S.

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Pneumonia shots not going to all who need them, authorities say

While a nationwide push for vaccination against H1N1 and seasonal flu has led to long lines for shots, another vaccine against a common and deadly flu complication Read More »

Researchers work on vaccine to improve immune system in newborns

As soon as babies are born, they are susceptible to diseases and infections, such as jaundice and E. coli. For up to a month, their immune systems aren't adequately developed to fight diseases. Read More »

Sanofi aims to double vaccine sales by 2013

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Study shows adjuvant boosts response to H1N1 vaccine

Novartis's pandemic H1N1 flu vaccine generated stronger immune responses when it was combined with an adjuvant than when used alone, though both formulations yielded good results, according to a report published by the New England Journal of Medicine. Read More »

Women shy away from HIV vaccine trials, researchers say

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Germany, Spain seek to cut H1N1 vaccine orders

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