Antibodies may eliminate HIV-like virus after exposure

Scientists recently administered antibodies to infant macaques after they had exposure to a virus similar to HIV, with the antibodies effectively eliminating the infection. Read More »

Study shows safe spaces crucial to community-based HIV prevention

Oregon State University researchers¬†have found that safe spaces have a crucial part in community-based HIV prevention, and that creating and maintaining these spaces are important parts of the prevention effort because they give people social support. Read More »

Single oral pill could be cure for malaria

A team of researchers at Portland State University (PSU) recently made a discovery that may result in a single oral pill that could cure malaria. Read More »

Summer 2014 Norovirus outbreak connected to Oregon lake

Multnomah County public health professionals recently announced their investigation has shown last summer's norovirus outbreak in Oregon was connected to Blue Lake Regional Park, a natural park that is used by many people in the area. Read More »

4 University of Oregon students contact Type B meningitis

Students encouraged to receive vaccine after 1 dies. Read More »