Genetic clues from Black Death may help scientists fight HIV and hepatitis C

A recent study from the University of Cincinnati suggests that genetic clues from the Black Death may be helpful in developing antiretroviral drug therapy treatments for people with HIV and hepatitis C infections. Read More »

Structure of RNA protein allow virus to control human protein binding

Scientists from Case Western Reserve University and the University of Michigan partnered to capture the world’s first image of a human protein binding with the protein of ribonucleic acid (RNA). Read More »

Ohio confirms first West Nile virus fatality for 2015

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) recently confirmed that the state has had its first human death from West Nile virus for the year 2015. Read More »

Flu may be preventable without vaccines

Scientists recently found a way to provoke an immune response against the flu without using the virus or interferon, which is a strong infection fighter. Read More »

Ohio confirms first two human West Nile virus cases of 2015

The state of Ohio recently confirmed that it has had its first two human cases of West Nile virus for the year 2015. Read More »

Human immune system’s unique method of fighting TB

A novel tissue culture model illustrates how a body with a latent tuberculosis (TB) infection does not contract active TB because its immune system takes a vital preventative step. Read More »

First patient joins chikungunya and dengue safety risk study

The first patient recently joined the Cerus Corp. study, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, to determine the safety risks of INTERCEPT Blood System platelets to treat chikungunya and dengue virus. Read More »

Website aims to clear up flu-Ebola symptom confusion

U.S. health professionals recently launched a website that uses a new educational strategy to clarify the confusion surrounding the differences between Ebola symptoms and influenza symptoms. The educational program, titled “Why Care About Seasonal Influenza in the Age of Ebola?” is a page on Paradigm Medical Communications' website in a project the company launched with Global Education Group. Read More »

Stronger protocol issued in Ohio for Ebola quarantine

The Ohio Department of Health has recommended new, stronger protocols for local health departments in dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola in the state. Read More »