World Health Assembly attendees call for more affordable vaccines

Vaccine prices 68 times greater than they were in 2001 Read More »

Alex Martin named CEO of PuriCore

Martin will be based at company's headquarters in Pennsylvania. Read More »

Red Cross helps rebuild Sierra Leone's health care system

Repairing health services ravaged by Ebola outbreak begins with door-to-door vaccines Read More »

Study explores why measles, unlike flu, only requires childhood vaccines

A study recently published in Cell Reports helps shed light on why people only need one vaccine for measles, but multiple vaccines for influenza. The study's conclusion: The proteins on the surface of the measles virus cannot invade the body’s cells if the measles virus has undergone any mutations. Read More »

Tuberculosis testing market estimated to expand by 2020

Experts from Transparency Market Research have recently estimated that the worldwide tuberculosis (TB) testing market will reach $2,619.4 million (USD) by the year 2020. Read More »

Tessier-Lavigne leaves Pfizer board for Denali post

Pfizer Inc. has announced Marc Tessier-Lavigne stepped down from the company’s board of directors Thursday. Read More »

GlaxoSmithKline announces changes in leadership

GlaxoSmithKline PLC (GSK) has announced Manvinder Singh (Vindi) Banga will be the non-executive director of GSK’s board, effective Sept. 1. Read More »

Polio vaccine beginning of adequate health care in Africa

According to an advocacy report recently released by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), eliminating polio is just the beginning of providing adequate health care to people in Africa. Read More »

New York's governor approves Blueprint to End AIDS action plan

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo approved new guidelines on Wednesday that seek to eliminate the AIDS epidemic in the state by the year 2020. The Blueprint to End AIDS outlines a variety of recommendations, including establishing a single point of access where low-income HIV-positive New York residents can receive enhanced rental assistance, as well as transportation and food allowances. Read More »

Ebola-hit countries launch immunization drives

For the first time since the start of the Ebola outbreak, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are conducting nationwide immunization campaigns aimed at vaccinating more than 3 million children against preventable but potentially deadly diseases. Read More »

Partnership targets measles immunizations for children in Pakistan

A campaign for measles vaccination in Pakistan fully relies on partnerships between various people: government authorities, health workers, and international partners. Read More »

University of Rochester testing new oral HIV vaccine

If successful, tablet would eliminate risk of accidental infection from contaminated needles. Read More »

Rockefeller's first human HIV antibody therapy study shows hopeful results

Rockefeller University researchers recently released the results of their HIV antibody therapy study, which was the first to involve human subjects. Read More »

Pfizer taps Jansen to lead R&D programs for vaccines

Kathrin U. Jansen is new senior vice president of the Vaccine Research and Development Unit Read More »

Dr. Charles Reay Mackay named chief scientific officer of Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. recently named Dr. Charles Reay Mackay as the new chief scientific officer of the company’s Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit. Read More »

Vaccine in development may treat latent herpes

Researchers recently discovered that a herpes vaccine that has been in development may be effective in treating the virus, even in its latent form. Read More »

Genetic mutations can help prevent flu deaths

Rockefeller University researchers have discovered that a rare genetic mutation is the reason that some people die from influenza while others recover quickly. Read More »

Pfizer publishes pneumonia immunization trial results

Pfizer Inc. recently published its findings from the company’s Community-Acquired Pneumonia Immunization Trial in Adults (CAPiTA). Read More »

Novel vaccine may prevent herpes

A team of researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) of Albert Einstein College of Medicine have developed a mutant gene that lacks a herpes protein, creating a vaccine that may prevent herpes viruses. Read More »

Website aims to clear up flu-Ebola symptom confusion

U.S. health professionals recently launched a website that uses a new educational strategy to clarify the confusion surrounding the differences between Ebola symptoms and influenza symptoms. The educational program, titled “Why Care About Seasonal Influenza in the Age of Ebola?” is a page on Paradigm Medical Communications' website in a project the company launched with Global Education Group. Read More »