Seasonal flu vaccine matches New Mexico strains

The New Mexico Department of Health recently confirmed that the seasonal influenza vaccine is a positive match for the strains that are currently circulating, adequately protecting people from contracting the influenza virus. Read More »

Surveillance system helps New Mexico officials track influenza

The New Mexico Department of Health has developed an influenza surveillance system to monitor the yearly influenza, which is an ongoing issue for the state. Read More »

New Mexico ends active Ebola monitoring program

Professionals from the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) recently stated that they have finished their active Ebola monitoring, which observed people traveling from West Africa to New Mexico for signs of the potentially deadly virus. Read More »

New Mexico confirms both human and horse West Nile virus cases

The New Mexico Department of Health recently reported that two women, a man and a horse have received West Nile virus infection diagnoses. Read More »

New Mexico officials confirm third human case of tularemia

The New Mexico Department of Health recently confirmed that there has been a new human case of tularemia. Read More »

New Mexico offering Got Shots? Protect Tots! vaccination program

Free to no-cost vaccines available to children through Aug. 15. Read More »

Tularemia warning issued in New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Health issued a warning Monday about the risk of contracting tularemia. The warning was issued after a 51-year-old Los Alamos County man received laboratory confirmation from the Scientific Laboratory Division of the Health Department that he has tularemia. Read More »

TB test results from New Mexico announced

Officials from the New Mexico Department of Health recently announced the test results from the 85 people who were exposed to tuberculosis (TB) by a man with an active infection in Clovis, New Mexico. Read More »

Whooping cough rise could be caused by vaccinated persons

A recent study shows that the significant rise in whooping cough cases may be connected to vaccinated people's not realizing they are infectious. Read More »

Trials show single-dose HPV vaccine may prevent cervical cancer

Two trials recently demonstrated that a single dose of the bivalent human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine Cervarix, created by the GlaxoSmithKline group, may provide just as much protection against HPV-16/18 infections as the traditional schedules for two and three doses, researchers said Wednesday. HPV-16/18 infections are responsible for approximately 70 percent of cervical cancer cases.  "Our findings question the number of HPV vaccine doses truly needed to protect the majority of women against Read More »

SAVSU Technologies unveils special shipping container for Ebola vaccine

SAVSU Technologies, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, said Tuesday it has created a specialized, high performance, small volume vaccine shipping container called CryoQ to safely transport temperature-sensitive vaccines through hot environments that do not have access to reliable refrigeration. CryoQ trials show that it is capable of consistently maintaining a temperature of 70 degrees below zero C, which is necessary for transporting Ebola vaccine candidates to regions affected by the Ebola outbrea Read More »

New Mexico reports year's first human West Nile virus case

The New Mexico Department of Health has reported that a 12-year-old girl living in Valencia County has been diagnosed with the state's first human case of West Nile virus for 2015. Read More »

NM infants being tested for TB exposure

The New Mexico Department of Health is still evaluating test results for 42 infants who may have been exposed to tuberculosis (TB) at Providence Hospital in El Paso, Texas, between September 2013 and August 2014. Read More »