Vical to produce HIV trial vaccines for public-private clinical evaluation

Vical Incorporated recently announced that it has joined the IPPOX Foundation in a contract to create HIV-antigen plasmid DNA for vaccines that will be part of clinical trials as part of a joint public and private initiative. Read More »

Vical to present Congenital CMV vaccine candidate

Vical Inc. is presenting the latest data from its pre-clinical studies on combining Vaxfection-formulated glycoprotein-B (gB)-encoding DNA vaccines in eliminating antibody responses at the fifth International Congenital CMV Conference in Brisbane, Australia, through Saturday. Read More »

Ichor and Janssen partnership will create chronic hepatitis B immunotherapies

Ichor Medical Systems and Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. have recently partnered to further develop and market new chronic hepatitis B immunotherapies that will be delivered through Ichor’s TriGrid Electroporation device. Read More »

California West Nile virus activity breaks records in 2014

A report from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), released on Wednesday, said the state saw record highs for West Nile virus (WNV) activity last year. This is the first time that California has experienced such high WNV rates since WNV first entered the state in 2003. Read More »

Officials say parents instrumental to preventing measles spread

U.S. health professionals say parents are crucial to preventing a measles outbreak, as children must be vaccinated to stop the disease from spreading. Read More »

New progress with oral hepatitis B vaccine

Genetically modified corn used to deliver vaccine without requiring refrigeration. Read More »

Norovirus candidate vaccine provokes broad immune response

A new multivalent candidate vaccine has induced a broad antibody response to a number of strains of norovirus, even strains that were not included in the new vaccine or encountered by the subjects before the study. Read More »

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics and PharmaCell partner for trial in Europe

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd. and PharmaCell BV, a manufacturer of cellular therapies and regenerative medicine, have agreed to a partnership to conduct a Phase III clinical trial for a brain cancer vaccine in Europe. Read More »

Nano therapeutics receives financing for Fla. facility

White Oak Global invests $28.5 million in NANO-ADM project. Read More »

First patient joins chikungunya and dengue safety risk study

The first patient recently joined the Cerus Corp. study, in collaboration with the American Red Cross, to determine the safety risks of INTERCEPT Blood System platelets to treat chikungunya and dengue virus. Read More »

AHF supports California plan to limit 'belief' exemption from vaccines

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation said on Thursday that it will support California’s planned legislation to limit parents’ "personal belief" vaccine exemption in the state. Read More »

Health professionals confirm 59 measles cases in California

Experts from the California Department of Public Health recently confirmed 59 measles cases in California since December 2014. Read More »

Enterovirus cases decreasing in California

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) said 32 patients in the state had enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) as of Friday, which represents about 20 percent of California's reported cases of respiratory disease activity. Read More »