Researchers evaluate genetic war between mosquitoes and humans

Researchers have stated that approximately 5 to 20 percent of a mosquito population’s genome is adaptable to evolutionary pressures at all times, which makes it more likely to adapt to local humans and environments. Read More »

Cellular Biomedicine Group acquires GVAX vaccine

Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc., a biomedicine company that focuses on creating new treatments for cancerous and degenerative diseases, recently announced that it has acquired the CD40LGVAX vaccine from Blackbird Bio Finance and the University of Florida. Read More »

First-ever INTERCEPT pathogen-reduced platelet units produced in US

Cerus Corp. and the SunCoast Blood Bank (SCBB) recently announced that they have produced the first pathogen-reduced platelet units within the U.S. Read More »

Common antibiotic may solve multidrug-resistant bacterial infections

A team of scientists from the University of California, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and San Diego School of Medicine announced that azithronmycin, a common antibiotic, may solve multidrug-resistant bacteria concerns. Read More »

Nanotherapy used to further advance Type 1 Diabetes vaccine

A recent article described a new step forward in developing a vaccine to prevent Type 1 Diabetes onset, using nanotherapy technology. Read More »

Richard Benjamin named chief medical officer of Cerus Corp.

Cerus Corp. named Dr. Richard Benjamin, M.D, its new chief medical officer on Monday.Benjamin previously worked at the American Red Cross as chief medical officer. While there, he supervised patient and donor safety issues involving blood transfusion and collection. Read More »

New research may improve HIV vaccines

A new scientific discovery, made by researchers at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, may significantly change how health professionals prevent HIV infections. Read More »

Avian influenza detrimental to global poultry industry

Rabobank recently published a report that analyzes how avian influenza has changed and challenged the global poultry industry, specifically in international trade. Read More »

Anacor Pharmaceuticals names new executive vice president

Graeme Bell, who has more than 20 years of extensive global financial experience within the pharmaceutical industry, will be Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s new executive vice president and chief financial officer. Read More »

Invetech, Vaxxas awarded 2015 Good Design Award for needle-free technology

Invetech, a leading company focusing on custom automation, instrument development and contact manufacturing, and Vaxxas, a biotechnology start-up best known for developing the needle-free drug delivery technology known as Nanopatch, recently won the 2015 Good Design Award for creating the Nanopatch Jet Coating Instrument. Read More »

New study reveals complex emerging zoonotic malaria

A new study, recently published in PLOS Pathogens, revealed many of the complexities behind the new emerging zoonotic malaria. Read More »

BriaCell finishes FDA-required testing

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp., a biotechnology company that focuses on immune-oncology and its unique vaccine technology called BriaVax, recently announced it has successfully finished all of the tests the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires. Read More »

Corium publishes data supporting needle-free transdermal influenza vaccine

A recently published study shows that a needle-free influenza vaccine system called MicroCor effectively delivers the influenza vaccine to patients. Read More »

Early childhood vaccinations may decrease leukemia risk

A team of researchers from University of California - San Francisco (UCSF) recently conducted a study that suggests early childhood vaccinations may decrease the patients’ risks of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), which is the most common kind of childhood cancer. Read More »

PaxVax names Nima Farzan new CEO

PaxVax Inc., a vaccine company that specializes in travel and biodefense, recently announced that the company’s board of directors has named Nima Farzan as the new chief executive officer and president. Read More »

New firm to create vaccines to prevent cytomegalovirus infections

DiaVax Biosciences, a new company created by City of Hope and Fortress Biotech, will create two vaccines to protect those with weak immune systems against cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections. CMV is a life-threatening illness that commonly afflicts people who have underdeveloped or weakened immune systems, such as developing fetuses and cancer patients. Read More »

AIDS Healthcare Foundation supports new implant to deliver HIV treatment

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein (AHF) recently announced that it supports the development of a new implant that delivers drugs to treat HIV. Read More »

AutoGenomics begins new Hepatitis C virus genotyping test

AutoGenomics Inc., one of the top providers of automated molecular testing solutions, recently announced the launch of its Genotyping Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) test with the company’s INFINITI Plus and INFINITI High Throughput System. Read More »

Cerus presents on pathogen-reduced components at symposium

Cerus Corp. presented its most recent research material at the AAB Symposium on Implementation of Pathogen-Reduced Blood Components in Bethesda, Maryland, this week. Read More »

PaxVax to expand typhoid vaccine

PaxVax, Inc said Wednesday it will begin a new set of commercial collaborations and distribution partnerships tol expand its vaccine for typhoid, Vivotif. Read More »