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Teens urged to be immunized against meningitis

Public Health England (PHE) recently encouraged teenagers to receive the MenACWYvaccine to protect themselves from meningitis as well as septicaemia, as the illness always peaks during the winter months. Read More »

Public Health England garners award for Ebola relief efforts

Public Health England recently received an award for its contribution to society in working toward a cure for Ebola as well as providing support to Ebola victims. Read More »

West African Ebola outbreak has claimed 11,306 lives

Latest summary shows 15,233 confirmed cases of Ebola in ongoing outbreak. Read More »

Public Health England issues update on global Ebola epidemiology

On Sept. 18, Public Health England released the most recent update about Ebola’s epidemiology that has a sum of 28,256 clinically compatible cases of the Ebola virus. Read More »

Public Health England releases updates on VTEC, Ebola, pertussis vaccinations and cyclospora

Public Health England (PHE) released a Public Health Report update on Friday about several health concerns including a verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) outbreak, prenatal pertussis vaccine coverage, Ebola virus disease (EVD) and cyclospora. Read More »

MenB vaccine added to England’s national childhood immunization program

Beginning Sept. 1,  the MenB vaccine will be part of England's National Health Service's Childhood Immunization Program. Read More »

Public Health England expects new meningococcal vaccination program to save lives

Public Health England (PHE) recently announced that it expects the new MenACWY vaccination program, which is designed to protect teenagers from sepitcaemiea (blood poisoning) and meningitis (brain inflammation), to save lives. Read More »

Avian flu confirmed in Lancashire, U.K.

Health officials recently confirmed that there has been a case of H7N7, avian influenza, at a farm located in Lancashire, U.K. Read More »