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Meningitis Research Foundation gathers extra support to battle disease

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) acknowledged World Immunization Week by reporting progress in the hands-on training of health care workers in the nation of Malawi and partnerships with global and U.S. initiatives. Read More »

WHO receives emergency donation for MenC vaccines

The UK Department of Health recently granted the World Health Organization (WHO) an urgent donation amounting to more than 157,000 meningococcal C (MenC) meningitis and septicaemia vaccines. Read More »

UK charities seek acceptance of meningitis B vaccination plan

Leaders from Meningitis Now and the Meningitis Research Foundation, two U.K. charities dedicated to fighting meningitis, recently said they intend to encourage Petitions and Health committees to accept an action plan against meningitis B. Read More »

U.K. Parliament holds first Evidence Session on meningitis B vaccine petition

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) has commented on the inspiring, moving evidence that was presented at the first Evidence Session at the House of Commons about the upcoming parliamentary debate on a petition to require all people who live in the U,K, and who are under 11 years old, to receive the vaccine for meningitis B, or MenB. Read More »

MRF disappointed with UK position on MenB vaccine

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) recently expressed its disappointment in the U.K. government’s answer to a petition to broaden the access of children to the MenB vaccine. Read More »

MenB vaccine to be available to all children in Ireland

Leaders at the Meningitis Research Foundation recently applauded the decision to introduce the MenB vaccine into the Primary Childhood Immunization Schedule beginning in September. Read More »

UK continues MenW vaccine campaign

Health professionals are continuing an ongoing campaign against meningococcal W in the U.K., where there has been a steep increase in cases in recent years. Read More »

Toddler's death promotes awareness of need for MenB vaccine

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) recently applauded the progress that the Meningococcal Group B (MenB) meningitis vaccine has made this year while sending heartfelt thoughts to the family and friends of Faye Burdett, who died from MenB this week. Read More »

Meningitis Research Foundation ambassador receives Halifax honor

Maureen Ellson, one of the Northern Ireland ambassadors from the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF), has been named the recipient of the Halifax Giving Extra Award. Read More »

UK secondary schools initiate meningitis vaccination program

Health officials from the United Kingdom recently initiated a vaccination campaign in the nation’s secondary schools to guarantee that all high school and college students have protection from septicaemia and meningitis. Read More »

Meningitis B vaccine may protect infants from MenW strain

A study recently published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal suggests that Bexsero, a routine meningitis B vaccine administered in the U.K., may protect infants from MenW, also called ST-11, a strain that is especially dangerous. Read More »

UK program faces shortage of MenB vaccine for children

Health professionals in the United Kingdom recently reported that the nation is experiencing a shortage of private vaccinates for meninigitis B (MenB) for children. Read More »

UK teenagers urged to receive free meningitis vaccine

Officials at Public Health England have encouraged teenagers living in the United Kingdom to receive their MenACWY vaccine to protect themselves from meningitis and septicaemia, which are on the rise from December to March. Read More »

Study shows accurate portrayal of meningitis decline in England

Recent research from the national surveillance program shows an accurate portrayal of the ongoing decline in the number of meningococcal disease cases reported throughout England. Read More »

National Windscreens calendar to provide symptom cards

National Windscreen calendars for 2016 will be including symptom cards for meningitis and septicaemia. Read More »

Melanoma Research Foundation honored for best practices

The Melanoma Research Foundation recently received a certificate for Best Practice from the Association of Medial Research Charities. Read More »

Students receive vaccinations against new meningitis strain

Students at Chipping Sodbury Second School recently received vaccinations against meningitis and septicaemia, which are caused by MenACWY, or meningococcal bacteria groups A, C, W and Y. Read More »

MenA vaccine meets success in Africa

Recent research shows that the mass vaccination program for meningococcal serogroup A (MenA) in Africa has been successful in protecting millions of people living in the region. Read More »

Foundation praises meningitis vaccine program in Africa

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) recently praised the successful vaccination program for meningitis in Africa that has saved countless lives and seen the meningococcal Group A (MenA) virtually disappear from the continent. Read More »

MRF Meningococcus Genome Library crucial to UK fight against meningitis and septicaemiav

A recent study from the Meningitis Research Foundation categorized the many different kinds of meningococci that cause illnesses in Wales and England. Read More »