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Scientists show efficiency of antiretroviral therapy for infants with HIV

Scientists in South Africa have surpassed missing data to show that antiretroviral therapy is effective in treating infants who have HIV infections. Read More »

Wistar studies resistance to HIV among some sex workers

Scientists from the Wistar Institute recently conducted a study evaluating whether there may be a correlation or connection between semen exposure and resistance to HIV infection among sex workers. Read More »

Adjuvants increase immune response for H7N9 flu vaccine

A team of scientists from The Wistar Institute recently found a specific set of mutations within influenza that has adapted to avoid the traditional vaccine design, making adjuvants more valuable in improving the immune response to vaccines like the H7N9 flu vaccine. Read More »

Researchers: Telomeres may be key to fighting diseases

Researchers have discovered that rearranging pieces of DNA called telomeres help diseases like herpes flourish and may be key to fighting such illnesses in the future. Read More »

Vaccine researcher Plotkin to be presented with prestigious Hamdan Award

Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin, a renowned vaccine researcher, will be presented the Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence in the field of Vaccines on Dec. 16 at the Dubai International Conference for Medical Sciences. Read More »