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Geovax News

GeoVax Ebola vaccine successful in rodent models

Investigational Ebola vaccine candidate 100 percent effective in hamsters and guinea pigs Read More »

GeoVax pursues HIV vaccine dual pathway

GeoVax Labs Inc., a biotechnology company that uses its innovative platform technology to create novel vaccines to treat Ebola and HIV, recently announced that it is seeking a dual pathway that will enable its preventive clade B HIV vaccine to advance. Read More »

GeoVax making progress on Ebola vaccine program

GeoVax Labs, Inc., a biotechnology company that uses its unique vaccine delivery platform to create human vaccines, recently gave an update about the progress made in its Ebola vaccine development program. Read More »

Positive data released on GeoVax’s HIV vaccine

GeoVax Labs, Inc. (a biotechnology company specializing in human vaccines with its patent DNA/NVA data) recently presented information about a new HIV vaccine. Read More »