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Influenza vaccine could reduce risk of stillbirths

Mothers who receive seasonal influenza vaccinations may have a reduced chance of stillbirth according to a new study of midwife records for just over 58,000 births in Western Australia. Read More »

Studies question how statins affect flu vaccines in seniors

Two new studies may suggest that cholesterol-reducing drugs, called statins, may negatively affect the immune response that the influenza vaccine is designed to generate in older adults. Read More »

Traveling Americans at higher risk for vaccine preventable illnesses

A recent study has revealed many Americans who travel internationally are considered to be at a greater risk for contract hepatitis A and measles. Read More »

Higher flu vaccine rates among adults linked to reduced flu risk for seniors

A recent study shows that when healthy adults receive the flu vaccine, they protect themselves as well as elderly adults living in their communities from higher risks of developing serious health complications due to influenza. Read More »