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Countries with humanitarian crises call for sustained HIV responses

Countries undergoing humanitarian crises in North Africa and the Middle East have also been found to be facing significant challenges in maintaining sustainable HIV responses needed to respond to the AIDS epidemic. Read More »

Panel on Effort to End Aids Epidemic by 2030 Focuses on Youth Engagement

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and Malawi President Peter Mutharika co-hosted a high-level panel discussion with the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) that focused on how current efforts on prevention can be scaled up to end the epidemic by 2030. Read More »

Nine nations develop roadmap for Asian drug users to help treatment, prevention

Nine countries in Asia recently adopted a new roadmap that guides its users in the best way to speed the transition to evidence informed treatment, prevention and support services for the region’s drug users. Read More »

U.N., Kenya partner to stop AIDS epidemic

The United Nations and the Government of Kenya recently partnered to enact a plan that would stop the AIDS epidemic in Kenya by the year 2030. Read More »

R&D key to developing HIV prevention options

Positive results from several clinical trials have allowed new HIV prevention options, such as voluntary medical male circumcision and pre-exposure prophylaxis, to advance. Read More »