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Scientists map the spread of Ebola in West Africa

Scientists recently developed a map that outlines the spread of Ebola in Western Africa, which will help them to better understand how the virus is transmitted. Read More »

Ebola drug has success on human patient

A drug developed to combat Ebola has been phased for a clinical trial on healthy, human volunteers. Read More »

Novel anti-Ebola drug may safeguard non-human primates

The results showed that GS-5734 is the first small-molecule antiviral agent that shows robust therapeutic efficacy within monkey subjects infected with Ebola. Read More »

Antiviral compound protects against Ebola in nonhuman primates

Recent research has revealed an antiviral compound that protects non-human primates from contracting the Ebola virus infection. Read More »

Study shows Ebola mutations can evade antibiotic treatments

The deadly Ebola virus has genetic mutations, or “escape variants,” that evade antibody-based treatments designed to fight infection. Read More »