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Anti-polio efforts rekindled in Middle East by U.N. and partners


Tweet The United Nations and its partners launched on Tuesday a polio vaccination campaign in Syria, Iraq and Egypt in an effort to vaccinate 22 million children in response to a new case in Iraq. “The recent detection of a … Read More »

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CDC wins Franz Edelman Award for collaboration with Kid Risk, Inc.


TweetThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was awarded the 2014 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences on Monday for its collaboration with Kid Risk, Inc. in fighting polio. “Through collaborations with Kid Risk, … Read More »

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WHO certifies 11 countries as polio-free


TweetThe United Nations World Health Organization announced on Thursday that 11 countries in Asia that host a combined quarter of Earth’s population are certified as polio-free. The announcement marks the fourth of six WHO regions to be certified polio-free and … Read More »

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EU commits $1.4 million to fight polio in Syria


Tweet The European Commission said on Friday that it will provide approximately $1.4 million to UNICEF to support a polio vaccination campaign in Syria. Because of the donation, approximately 2.5 million children less than 5 years of age will receive … Read More »

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GAVI, GPEI work together to introduce IPV


Tweet The GAVI Alliance and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are working together to introduce the inactivated polio vaccine in the 73 poorest countries in the world, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Tuesday. While every country in … Read More »

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UNICEF begins polio vaccination campaign in Middle East


Tweet UNICEF announced on Monday that the organization and its partners began the largest-ever coordinated polio vaccination campaign in the Middle East following the return of the disease in war-torn Syria. Health teams are working to vaccinate close to 10 … Read More »

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Sanofi to provide UNICEF with polio vaccine

Sanofi Pasteur

TweetSanofi Pasteur announced on Friday that it will sell significant quantities of inactivated polio vaccine to UNICEF at a reduced price and make it available based on country needs and vaccination plans. Using a joint price support mechanism developed by … Read More »

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UNICEF initiative makes inactivated polio vaccine more accessible


Tweet UNICEF recently announced a new tender process that makes the inactivated polio vaccine more accessible and affordable globally as part of an initiative to eradicate polio through The Global Polio Eradication Initiative and GAVI Alliance. The tender process is … Read More »

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GAVI Alliance to supply countries with inactivated polio vaccine

First Islamic Advisory Group holds conference on polio eradication

Rotary provides $35.9 million to fight against polio

WHO celebrates India’s triumph over polio

Lawrence Ellison Foundation contributes $100 million to polio eradication

Polio vaccinations begin at Syria’s Yarmuk refugee camp

Expanding age groups for polio SIAs could increase population immunity

Polio vaccination campaigns push on in Syria despite challenges

San Diego Rotary Club receives $1.85 million from business leader

Rotary celebrates third year without polio in India

Canada supports battle against polio in Pakistan

Police and students work to build support for polio eradication in Pakistan

Nigerian businessman donates $1 million to polio eradication

WHO to assist in mass polio immunization campaign in Middle East

ECDC releases updated risk assessment for poliovirus

UOSSM urges polio vaccination in Syria’s opposition-controlled areas

U.N. and partners roll out immunization campaign in Philippines

Children in Philippines receive vaccines against polio, measles

GAVI to support polio vaccination in world’s poorest countries

Rotary clubs in Egypt battle polio

WHO launches polio and measles vaccine campaign in Philippines

Pakistan, Afghanistan face challenges in vaccinating children against polio

Syria polio outbreak reaches 13 cases among children

Community mobilizers in Nigeria fight polio and malnutrition