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Research reveals targeting mosquito sperm storage could help combat malaria


Tweet A collaborative team of researchers published study results on April 7 that showed reducing the fertility of malaria-carrying mosquitoes may provide a new avenue to control the disease. The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of … Read More »

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Novartis partners with Malaria No More to provide treatment in Zambia


TweetNovartis announced on Monday that it will partner with Malaria No More and the Power of One campaign to provide two million pediatric antimalarial treatments in Zambia. “Although the incidence of malaria has decreased, the disease still kills a child … Read More »

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3-D structure reveals malaria genome, may contribute to new anti-malaria strategy


Tweet Researchers at the University of California, Riverside said on Friday that they have created a 3-D model of the Plasmodium falciparum genome to better understand how the parasite causes malaria in humans. “Understanding the spatial organization of chromosomes is … Read More »

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U.N. Secretary general Ban asks for donation increase in fight against malaria

Ban Ki-Moon

Tweet United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at a Roll Back Malaria event on Thursday that funding programs that fight malaria save lives and speed up economic progress, and encouraged African leaders to fund more programs. Ban said that … Read More »

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Nothing But Nets announces sports-themed challenge for World Malaria Day

Nothing But Nets

TweetNothing But Nets launched a month-long, nationwide campaign on Tuesday to encourage Americans to “Compete to Beat Malaria” and raise money in an effort to send 25,000 insecticide-treated nets to Africa. “Nothing But Nets was created with sports in our … Read More »

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Notre Dame scientists awarded $23M grant from Gates Foundation for mosquito study


Tweet Notre Dame Biologists Nicole Achee and Niel Lobo recently received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation worth $23 million to observe the efficacy of spatial repellency as a mosquito control method. Achee and Lobo were awarded … Read More »

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Researchers produce molecule to kill malaria without harming blood cells


Tweet A research team at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, published study results on Wednesday that revealed molecules toxic to Plasmodium falciparum but not human red blood cells, creating a way to combat malaria infection. The Plasmodium falciparum parasite, which … Read More »

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Known drug may prevent brain damage from cerebral malaria


Tweet A drug used to treat patients with diabetes may prevent damage from cerebral malaria and eliminate subsequent neurological deficits, according to a study published on Thursday in PLOS Pathogens. Researchers with the Toronto General Research Institute in Canada focused … Read More »

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Global warming may increase malaria incidence

Australia commits $16.3 million to fight against malaria

Researchers trace origins of malaria parasite

Scientists discover important protein in malaria reproduction

New research shows Malaria parasite originated in Africa, not Asia

Penn State researchers discover bacteria with antimalarial potential

World Bank to provide Togo with $14 million anti-malaria grant

Study examines malaria control efforts in Africa

Scientists discover novel way to develop malaria vaccines

Mass primaquine treatments used to eradicate malaria

FhCMB announces FDA approval for Clinical 1 trial of anti-malarial vaccine

Global Fund to reprimand international mosquito net suppliers

Keystone Symposia, MESA convene malaria conference in Mexico

ALMA awards seven African countries for malaria control efforts

Malaria cases reach 40-year high in U.S.

Researchers tout effectiveness of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine

Fio’s support helps PMC win malaria control award

New study gives hope in fight against drug-resistant malaria

Researchers develop mice with human immune system

WHO calls for EOI in Round 6 Malaria RDT Testing Programme

New malaria discovery may lead to better vaccine and treatment

Newly identified protein could help fight malaria

Health workers trained on malaria in Gambia

Congo scientists join the fight against malaria