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WHO makes no change to risk assessment for novel coronavirus

Tweet The recent infection of a patient in England with a SARS-like virus did not change the World Health Organization’s risk assessment of the novel coronavirus. The WHO said that the new case, however, does indicate that the virus is … Read More »

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HPA identifies case of novel coronavirus in United Kingdom

Tweet The United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency confirmed the diagnosis on Monday of a case of novel coronavirus in a U.K. resident who recently traveled to Pakistan and the Middle East. The patient is currently receiving intensive care treatment in … Read More »

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Novel coronavirus can infect cells from range of animals

TweetResearchers working with the novel coronavirus that infected patients from three Middle Eastern countries found that the virus can infect cells from multiple species, according to a study released on Tuesday. The relative to the SARS virus, called hCoV-EMC, infected … Read More »

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