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Janssen ends cancer treatment study early after positive results

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

TweetJanssen Research & Development LLC, part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, announced the early stopping on Tuesday of a Phase III study of ibrutinib in the treatment of certain cancers on a planned interim analysis. An independent data monitoring company … Read More »

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Malaria drug could be used to treat cancer


Tweet Researchers found that modifications to a drug used to treat parasitic infections like malaria could allow the drug to treat cancers and immune-related diseases, according to a study recently published in Nucleic Acids Research. The Washington State University research … Read More »

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Emergent presents prostate cancer therapeutic preclinical data


TweetEmergent BioSolutions, Inc., a Rockville, Maryland-based specialty pharmaceutical company, recently announced the presentation of preclinical data on bispecific ADAPTIR, a therapeutic for prostate cancer, during a conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Emergent presented on ES414, a molecular protein technology therapeutic developed … Read More »

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New DNA mutation detection method could lead to treatments for cancer, TB

DNA helix

TweetA new method that can pinpoint the detection of a single DNA mutation could help researchers diagnose and treat diseases like tuberculosis and cancer, according to a study published on Sunday in Nature Chemistry. Researchers with the University of Washington … Read More »

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Study shows HBV co-infections can predict prognosis

Hepatitis B

Tweet A group of scientists detailed the role of chronic hepatitis B co-infection in carcinogenesis of hepatitis C in a recent study published by PLOS ONE,. A study was done on 115 liver tissues taken from the noncancerous parts of … Read More »

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New quadruple treatment proves to be effective against two types of cancer

Prostate cancer

Tweet A new study conducted by Institute of Cancer Research, London, scientists found that four treatment drugs used together were significantly more effective in fighting bowel and head & neck cancer than using the drugs separately. The pre-clinical study, published … Read More »

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New vaccine shows promise for advanced melanoma treatment

roswell park

TweetA new vaccine developed by researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute may successfully treat stage III and stage IV melanoma, one of the top six cancers diagnosed in America. The clinical trial for the vaccine will be conducted over … Read More »

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MMRGlobal receives patent for cancer-fighting vaccine


TweetMMRGlobal, Inc., announced on Monday that it was awarded a biotechnology patent in Hong Kong for a B-Cell vaccine to fight lymphoma and potentially other types of cancer. MMR is due to receive the patent, numbered Hong Kong Patent No. … Read More »

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Patent issued for cancer vaccine component

Bird-borne virus may help treat prostate cancer

New study contradicts conventional wisdom on cancer therapies

IOM releases cancer care workshop summary

CEL-SCI collaborates on development of investigational breast cancer treatment

University of Cincinnati researchers develop oral breast cancer vaccine

Annual cancer report shows drop in overall cancer rates, worrying trend for HPV

Cuba approves drug treatment for lung cancer

Vaccine may block tumor growth for some cancers

Progress made on pancreatic cancer vaccine

Demand for Provenge overwhelming Dendreon production

Merck resumes lung cancer vaccine testing

Oral vaccine could fight source of stomach cancers

Brain cancer vaccine shows promise

Skin cancer vaccine on the horizon

Cancer vaccine breakthrough reported

Merck KGaA suspends Stimuvax cancer vaccine trials

Biovest set to unveil its personalized lymphoma vaccine

Glioblastoma vaccine shows promise in animal study

Transgene sells option on cancer vaccine to Novartis

Vaccine for asbestos-related cancer shows promise

Swedish research might point to stomach cancer vaccine

Immunovaccine to proceed with trial for its cancer vaccine

Oncothyreon’s cancer vaccine trial starts in Asia