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GSK announces $216 million investment to support and improve African healthcare


TweetGlaxoSmithKline announced on Monday that will invest approximately $216 million and partner with African countries to stimulate more research on chronic diseases, increase medicine storage capability and strengthen health-care systems. GSK CEO Andrew Witty made the announcement during his speech … Read More »

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Global Fund and Ecobank partner to improve financial management

The Global Fund

TweetThe Global Fund announced on December 19 that it has entered into partnership with Ecobank to provide financing, support and donor aid worth $3 million over the next three years. “Ecobank is a natural partner for us with our work … Read More »

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WHO reports three new suspected WPV1 cases in South Sudan


Tweet The World Health Organization reported three new suspected cases of wild poliovirus type 1 in South Sudan on Tuesday and mapped out an emergency plan to keep the Sudanese protected from the outbreak. An outbreak of poliovirus in the … Read More »

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UNICEF prepares response to malaria cases in Chad


Tweet The United Nation’s Children’s Fund announced last week that, along with the World Health Organization, it has prepared a response to the resurgence of malaria in Chad. UNICEF gave out more than 126,000 Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets to health clinics … Read More »

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Report: Preventing malaria in travelers to West Africa lowers health costs


Tweet U.S. travelers to West Africa consulting health providers before they leave reduces costs to both health insurance providers and themselves, according to a report recently published in the journal Clinical Infectious Disease. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the … Read More »

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CAR receives largest shipment of humanitarian supplies yet from UNICEF


TweetUNICEF, with the help of donors, sent a cargo plane full of humanitarian supplies to the Central Africa Republic on Friday to aid more than 20,000 people in-need due to a crisis. The cargo plane was loaded with 52 metric … Read More »

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African Union celebrates 50th anniversary with anti-disease declaration

african union flag

TweetThe African Union celebrated its 50th anniversary on Monday by signing a declaration to defeat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis with the help of the Global Fund. The Global Fund runs a replenishment program every three years and chairperson of the … Read More »

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Malaria kills more than 1,500 African children per day


Tweet Despite progress made with insecticide-treated bed nets, malaria continues to kill 660,000 people annually, most of whom are children in Africa, UNICEF said on Thursday. In a statement issued for World Malaria Day, UNICEF said that there was much … Read More »

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MSF: All parties in Central African Republic must respect health facilities

The Gambia President Jammeh meets with top World Bank official

Tuberculosis outbreaks in Africa associated with effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty

Africa must take own approach to improve immunization

Tanzania and the GAVI Alliance to introduce two new vaccines

The Gambia stresses immunization as part of Millennium Development Goals

African immunization conference issues recommendations for public health

Roll Back Malaria Partnership warns of $3.6 billion funding shortfall in Africa

WHO issues Sudan yellow fever outbreak update

Yellow fever outbreak in Darfur kills 67

University of The Gambia launches public health masters programs

Several dead in Sudan from unknown fever

Cholera cases continue to rise in Sierra Leone

Monkey pox shows dramatic rise in Africa

Africa makes significant progress in polio fight

Oxfam say West Africa not prepared for outbreaks

Outbreak of Rift Valley Fever reported in World Cup host country

Experimental vaccine protects monkeys from chikungunya

VLP vaccine protects monkeys from chikungunya virus

Yellow fever vaccination campaign targeting 12 million people to start