Burundi Red Cross launches 2016 malaria prevention campaign

Volunteers in Burundi are educating the public about Long Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets. | File photo

The Burundi Red Cross and its partners recently launched a campaign to help prevent the spread of malaria in the region.

There are additional humanitarian needs in Burundi because of El Nino phenomenon, which made significant changes in the climate such as violent wind and major rainfall, resulting in death and injuries.

Another result of El Nino is a rise in malaria cases. To resolve this, volunteers with Burundi Red Cross have partnered with provincial health authorities to implement preventive responses and actions to address the disease.

One of these responses is community sensitization sessions. Using Mobile Cinema, public awareness campaigns and spraying campaigns, the volunteers are educating the public about Long Lasting Insecticide-treated Nets (LLINS).

The volunteers have held 87 community sensitization sessions about LLINS and have installed LLINS throughout 3,000 different households. They have also established advanced posts and mobile clinics for people who need hospitalization.

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