African health officials poised to vaccinate every child

Vaccines are one of the best, most efficient, cost-friendly strategies to heighten living standards. | Contributed photo

Health officials are prepared to provide every child in Africa with life-saving vaccines, as the continent is in a prime position to fulfill the opportunities and potential that it has to give a better quality of life to its future generations.

To accomplish this, the medical industry intends to offer universal access to the vaccines throughout Africa. Child deaths in the continent have declined by 50 percent in the last generation, which experts attribute to the vaccines.

Polio, an illness that used to paralyze children around the world, has not been in Africa in over a year. In addition, countless people are no longer at risk for meningitis infections because they have received the vaccines.

Experts say vaccinations offer countless benefits, even ones that exceed physical health. Children who are healthier are less expensive for their families and the African health system. In addition, children who receive vaccines have a greater likelihood of attending school, which improves the economic future for themselves as well as their local communities and national potential.

Vaccines are one of the best, most efficient, cost-friendly strategies to heighten living standards and help countries improve their economies and potential. Unfortunately, one in five children in Africa do not receive important vaccines.

Health workers seek to change these figures by partnering with World Health Organization officials, the African Union, and similar organizations.

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