SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017

Angola Ministry of Health to administer polio vaccine to five million children

Angola Ministry of Health to administer polio vaccine to five million children. | Courtesy of
The Ministry of Health recently announced its plan to vaccinate a minimum of five million children who reside within Angola as part of its new vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis, which is more commonly known as polio.

The campaign will cover the entire nation from Aug. 14 to 16. After this, the country intends to compete for polio elimination certification, which would be a major milestone for the Ministry of Health.

Alda Morais Pedro de Sousa, head of the National Immunization Section of the Ministry of Health, has stated that the campaign includes 26,000 vaccinators, 13,000 vaccination teams and 13,000 supervisors. The campaign has a stock of vaccine doses that amount to an estimated eight million doses for the children.

De Sousa also said that the campaign’s teams will use identification cards. They will not use sweaters, like they did in earlier vaccination campaigns. The technicians, all of whom are over 18 years old, will administer the vaccines.

The nation’s health experts have stated that parents need to stay in contact with technicians who must have proper identification.

De Sousa has guaranteed that the campaign is prepared for success. It will involve all of the country’s municipalities.