Novation commits to customers as bird flu impacts US egg production

Novation commits to customers as bird flu impacts US egg production | Courtesy of
Novation said Tuesday it is showing its commitment to its customers by continuing to deliver its products despite how avian influenza, also known as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), has affected egg production in the U.S.

Novation seeks to protect its customers’ health while guaranteeing high quality products. Its NOVAFOOD program has proactively taken steps to guarantee that contracted egg suppliers will provide affordable, safe products to Novation, its customers and its affiliates.

Thanks to NOVAFOOD egg suppliers' commitment, the affiliates and members of UHC, VHA Inc., Provista and Children’s Hospital Association can still receive affordable pricing as well as healthy products.

Several commercial poultry flocks in the U.S. have been affected by HPAI, and wholesale egg prices have risen 120 percent between May and June 2015.

“Novation is continuing to proactively monitor and address this issue to protect the interest of the members and affiliates we serve,” Novation Vice President of Contract and Program Services Jenifer Axline said. “We and our NOVAFOOD suppliers remain dedicated to seeking solutions so we may offer the best possible pricing while ensuring product safety. Our suppliers’ dedication - mitigating product interruption whenever possible - has been crucial to our success during this industry wide issue.”