HPV vaccinations increase with electronic health record prompts

HPV vaccination increases with electronic health record prompts. | Courtesy of
A recent study found that patients whose electronic health records sent out reminders about the HPV vaccine were more likely to receive the full dosage of the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. 

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that young adults ages of 9 to 18 were three times more likely to begin receiving HPV vaccinations and 10 times more likely to finish the doses of HPV vaccinations if they received reminders from their health providers. The reminders were sent electronically when the patient was due for a vaccine.

People between the ages of 19 and 26  were six times more likely to begin receiving the vaccine if they received a message on their electronic health record. They were eight times more likely to receive the entire series of HPV vaccines if they received the reminders. 

Rates for young African-American women were significantly higher compared to others.

"This age demographic often includes a group of patients that typically don't go to the doctor as often as other groups unless they are ill," Dr. Mack Ruffin IV,  professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School and lead author of the study, said. "We found that simply alerting patients and providers during an office appointment increased uptake and completion of the HPV vaccine series. Our findings suggest that these prompts through the electronic health system may be a valuable tool in encouraging more people to protect themselves from cancer."

Further details can be found in the May issue of the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine.

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