Canadian government financially supports influenza vaccine research

Canadian government financially supports influenza vaccine research | Courtesy of
A recent announcement states that the Canadian government has invested approximately $1 million in financial support for the research and development of a vaccine for influenza.

"Our government is proud to invest in strengthening influenza vaccine research and development to help protect Canadians,” Brad Trost, a member of Parliament, Saskatoon-Humboldt, said. “This funding will enhance Canada's capacity to respond to any future pandemics, prevent the spread of disease and save lives. We can all be very proud of the contributions made by researchers here in Canada who help protect our health and safety.”

The research is being conducted by VIDO-InterVac, which is a top vaccine research and development center and part of the University of Saskatchewan. The scientists will determine vaccine research priorities in order to further strengthen the influenza vaccine developments occurring in Canada.

"This funding will help solidify VIDO-InterVac as a world-leading center of vaccine expertise and help our scientists conduct important new influenza research that will directly contribute to better public health in Canada,” Dr. Andrew Pottery, CEO and director of VIDO-InterVac, said.

Each year, millions of Canadians suffer with influenza cases. Experts estimate that approximately 12,200 people receive hospitalization for influenza, and approximately 3,500 people die from it.

The influenza virus is known for mutating over time. This means that sustained, continuous research is important for the overall health of Canadians. It is vital that health professionals can quickly combat this disease with quickly developed, efficient vaccines.

"Broadening collaboration between academia, industry and government in the field of vaccine development and research is vital to effectively combat influenza,” Dr. Karen Chad, the vice president of research at University of Saskatchewan, said. “Today's investment will enhance important collaborations and generate important new research that will benefit all Canadians."

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