Polio vaccine campaign continues in Central Equatoria

Polio vaccine campaign successful in Central Equatoria | Courtesy of
Health professionals are continuing a polio vaccination campaign in Central Equatoria that has had successful results.

The three-day campaign will see health care workers travel door to door to vaccinate children who are 5 years old or younger. Experts estimate that more than 300,000 children will receive vaccines from the campaign that will cover six counties of Central Equatoria.

George Alzenio Legge, the state manager of the expanded program for immunization, workers have vaccinated approximately 90 percent of the areas.

Polio is spread when water or food contaminated by fecal matter that originated from a person with polio is ingested. Children most commonly contract the disease because they have weaker immune systems than adults. Symptoms include fatigue, fever, stiffness in the neck, headache, vomiting and pain in the limbs. The ultimate result can be permanent paralysis or death.