Madison Vaccines expands investigational prostate cancer vaccines

Madison Vaccines expands investigational prostate cancer vaccines | Courtesy of vicc.org
Madison Vaccines, Inc. (MVI), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that creates novel therapies for prostate cancer, has announced it will expand three of its prostate cancer vaccine projects.

These changes will occur in the company’s early, advanced and late-stage prostate cancer vaccine programs. With MVI’s advanced prostate cancer program, the Food and Drug Administration has approved of the application for a Phase 1 Investigational New Drug study for MCI-118. This vaccine is meant to treat the progression and resistance of the cancer.

For non-metastatic prostate cancer, the company has opened two additional enrollment sites for its Phase 2 clinical trial of MCI-816. For late-stage prostate cancer, MVI has created a trial that combines treatments of MCI-816 with a PD-1 inhibitor.

MVI has made changes to its financing to fund these projects, including raising its Series A financing to $11 million.

“MVI is now uniquely positioned with our product-candidates in three distinct stages of prostate cancer from pre-metastatic to the start of metastases to late-stage, castrate-resistant disease,” MVI President Richard Lesniewski said. “We believe our products can make a meaningful difference in treating this disease, and we are pleased to have the expertise of Douglas McNeel, M.D., Ph.D., our scientific co-founder and a leading prostate cancer researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”