Missouri taking measures to stop avian influenza

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The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) is coordinating with local health officials and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to   to stop the spread of avian influenza in the state. 

Turkeys at a growing facility in Asbury, Missouri, recently were found to have the disease, and preliminary tests at another growing facility in Fortuna, Missouri, also came back positive. 

The MDA has quarantined both the facilities. The remaining turkeys at the Asbury site will be killed and will not be added to the public food supply. Nearby areas also will be tested and observed to guarantee that the virus has not spread. 

Additional testing is being done at the Fortuna growing facility to confirm the presence of avian influenza.

Although this particular avian influenza strain does not pose a threat to humans or the food supply, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has contacted workers who may have come into contact with the virus through the infected turkeys.

Other outbreaks of an avian influenza strain recently have been found in Washington, Minnesota, Idaho and Oregon.

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