Two suspected measles cases in Bermuda

Two suspected measles cases in Bermuda | Courtesy of

According to a recent report from the Department of Health and the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit, health professionals are investigating two measles cases in Bermuda.

The cases were reported on Feb. 25 and Feb. 26. Health care workers are also educating and caring for the patients’ close contacts.

Health professionals recommend vaccinations as the best way to prevent contracting measles. Even if there is not a local outbreak, vaccinations are the best way to prevent contracting the illness while traveling abroad to an area that may have one.

People who have not yet received measles vaccinations are most susceptible to the illness. Others with increased susceptibility include infants 6 to 12 months old; people who have just one measles vaccine in lieu of the recommended two; adults immunized before 1968 because not all early vaccines provided long-lasting protection; and people with compromised immune systems.

Individuals born before 1957 are the least susceptible because they have most likely had measles before.