TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017

Meningitis Angels encourage stronger Meningitis B vaccinations

Meningitis Angels encourage stronger Meningitis B vaccinations | Courtesy of healthtap.com
At a recent hearing held by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP), the founder of the Meningitis Angels testified in support of stronger Meningitis B vaccinations.
ACIP is seeking vaccines to fight the specific strain that causes the majority of meningococcal meningitis cases within the United States. Now, ACIP has recommended two new vaccines in the serogroup B vaccinations. The Meningitis Angels maintain that a permissive recommendation alone is not enough to prevent the spread of Meningitis B.
Meningitis Angels' founder and national executive officer Frankie Milley lost her only child, Ryan, who contracted meningococcal C and died when he was 18. According to her testimony, he went from being in perfect health to dying in less than 14 hours.
At the time of Ryan’s death, there was no vaccine, education, marketing, recommendation or accessibility to treatment. Milley said a simple permissive recommendation would not have been enough to save Ryan.
"Permissive recommendation for the vaccines to be used in a college outbreak is a very dangerous thing to do,” Milley said. “Once an outbreak occurs, a death or debilitation of a teen or young adult has usually occurred. The Men B vaccine should have the same routine recommendations as the other leading serogroups C and Y causing disease in the U.S. Vaccinations for these serogroups are ACIP recommended routinely for ages 10 to college freshmen."