QuantuMDx Group joins FIND effort to improve tuberculosis-detection techniques

FIND and QuantuMDx’s research may reduce the turnaround time for genetic resistance profiling for tuberculosis treatment from a week to 30 minutes. | Contributed photo

QuantuMDx Group joins the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics' list of partners (including Cepheid and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) in an effort to develop a single solution for both detecting tuberculosis and discovering the cause of the disease.

“When it comes to detecting TB, poor sensitivity for poor countries is not a winning combination,” Dr. David Persing, Cepheid’s chief medical and technology officer, said. “Millions of people currently receive effective TB care each year — but missed cases are stalling gains.”

As part of its partnered efforts, FIND will continue developing an adequate sample-handling compartment. QuantuMDx Group is a British medical company specializing in development. QuantuMDx will continue to research options for its platform development.

FIND's parnership with Cepheid and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School has led to the development of XPert MTB/RIF Ultra, a test for Myobacterium tuberculosis.

Based on FIND and QuantuMDx’s latest research on genetic markers, scientists may be able to reduce the time needed for resistance profiling from one week to 30 minutes. QuantuMDx’s advances in probing bacterial genomes have been shown to be accurate in detecting tuberculosis markers and genetic sequencing.

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