House Democrats call for hearing on antibiotic resistance

Leading Democrats with the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to their Republican counterparts on Thursday to hold a hearing on the imminent threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Read More »

Scientists develop mathematical model for zoonotic disease transmission

H1N1 Read More »

Yemen receives $4 million from Global Fund to fight malaria

Malaria Read More »

New Jersey hospital visitors potentially exposed to measles

Measles Read More »

U.N. denies its peacekeeping force caused Haitian cholera outbreak

The United Nations recently used its sovereign immunity to reject a complaint that a U.N. peacekeeping force caused an epidemic of cholera in Haiti that killed more than 8,600 Haitians and sickened more than 860,000. Read More »

UCLA researchers develop hand-held malaria diagnosis technique

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New Zealand launches seasonal flu vaccine campaign

New Zealand Health Minister Tony Ryall has approved the start of the country's 2013 influenza campaign. Read More »

Ebola virus deadly, not apocalyptic

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Measles eradication campaign called for in India

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Stanford and Silicon Valley team up to battle hepatitis B

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Novel vaccine patch in development for use against ear infections

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Britain's top doctor warns of drug-resistant microbes

Sally Davies Read More »

Australian researchers discover method to predict influenza mutation

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Researchers at Yale use bacteria to create safe vaccines

Yale University researchers recently developed a method to create safer vaccines by using bacteria's own cellular mistakes, according to a study published on Tuesday in Nature Communications. Read More »

Chicken pox cases fall in Australia after vaccine introduced

Chicken pox Read More »

Advaxis nominated for Novartis award

Advaxis, Inc., a developer of next generation immunotherpies for cancer and infectious diseases, recently announced that his been nominated for an award by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. Read More »

Somaliland begins campaign to vaccinate 600,000 children against polio

Multiple international organizations started a campaign on Monday to vaccinate children under five years of age in Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia. Read More »

Budget cuts could hinder research at Massachusetts AIDS lab

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Indian scientists research malaria vaccine

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Greenphire announces payment system contract with Bavarian Nordic

Greenphire, a payment technology company for the clinical trials industry, recently announced that it has made a deal for Bavarian Nordic to use its ClinCard Technology Platform in a large, Phase III vaccine trial. Read More »