Pandemic flu on the rise in several nations

Pandemic flu activity is picking up in parts of India and Colombia, and New Zealand is seeing a rise in flu-like illnesses in young children, CIDRAP News has reported. Read More »

Oral vaccine could fight source of stomach cancers

According to The Global Times in China, scientists in Chongqing believe they have created an oral vaccine that can combat stomach bacteria helicobacter pylori, which is strongly tied to the development of stomach cancer. Read More »

Oseltamivir rings can slow rate of H1N1 outbreak

Oseltamivir ring prophylaxis helped slow down H1N1 influenza outbreaks in Singapore military camps in 2009, according to the results of a study reported in the June issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Read More »

Gates, Slim announce $150 million health donation for Central America

Bill Gates and Carlos Slim, two of the wealthiest men in the world, will team up with Spain to donate $150 million to fight dengue fever, malaria and malnutrition in Mexico and Central America. Read More »

Threat of insect-based bioterror reviewed

A recent workshop at the University of Florida looked at the possibility of an insect-based form of terrorism that could be launched in the state. Read More »

Study raises questions about age-group impact of H1N1

French researchers now believe that the effects of H1N1 may not have differed from seasonal flu epidemic effects on certain age groups as much as was initially believed. Read More »

Plastic antibodies pass initial test

Researchers in California have reported a first Read More »

Air travel linked to greater chance of contracting H1N1

The Gaea Times reports that a published study in the British Medical Journal links long-haul flights to possibly contracting the H1N1 virus. Read More »

Morocco certified malaria free

The World Health Organization has certified Morocco - a country with a population of approximately 31.6 million people - as malaria-free, according to a press release from the WHO. Read More »

International influenza conference to convene in September

An international influenza conference, titled Options for the Control of Influenza VII, will be held this September in Hong Kong. Read More »

DNA vaccines come of age

Officials with Inovio Pharmaceuticals have announced the publication of an article exploring the Read More »

Economic downturn threatens vaccination projects

The global economic downturn is now threatening the launch of new vaccination projects, according to the head of the UN-backed Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunisation. Read More »

Current H1N1 vaccine protects against 1918 strain

In a finding that could reduce concern over a potential release of the strain, a team of researchers in the U.S. reported this week that the current H1N1 vaccine protects mice and possibly humans against the 1918 pandemic virus. Read More »

Outbreak predicting study results revealed

The preliminary results of a study aimed at predicting the demonstrable outbreak of certain illnesses soon after initial exposure were announced this week at the 8th Annual Biodefense Vaccines and Therapeutics in Washington, D.C. Read More »

Travelers bringing dengue to the U.S.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that the number of dengue fever in U.S. travelers returning home has risen drastically in the past few years. Read More »

DNA-based flu therapy could reduce need for new vaccines

A new DNA-based therapy to be used in the battle against the flu could give current flu vaccine makers "a run for their money," according to the company that's developing it. Read More »

Merck resumes lung cancer vaccine testing

Testing has resumed on an experimental lung cancer vaccine by Germany's Merck KGaA and Oncothyreon, its U.S. partner. Read More »

FDA to begin posting evaluations of vaccines online

The results of safety evaluations for recently approved drugs and vaccines are now being posted online by the Food and Drug Administration. Read More »

Breakthrough in search for malaria vaccine

A novel discovery could lead to an effective vaccine against malaria, according to a news report. Read More »

Mymetics receives positive Phase Ib trial results for malaria vaccine

Officials with Mymetics Corporation announced have announced that the company's malaria vaccine has successfully completed Phase Ib clinical trials in Tanzania. Read More »