Canadian swine flu vaccination programs failing

Many provinces in Canada are beginning to report that their swine flu vaccination programs are failing. Read More »

AVI BioPharma gets up to $18M to study swine flu

Officials with AVI BioPharma Inc., recently announced that they have entered into an $18 million deal with the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency, according to a Portland Business Journal news report. Read More »

Bill Gates says battle against polio is close to being won

Although Nigeria has seen a 99 percent drop in reported cases of polio between 2009 and 2010, Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently told that more contributions are needed from the richer nations and global donors. Read More »

Tamiflu shows effectiveness in infants

German researchers have announced that Tamiflu given to infants hospitalized with influenza had similar benefits to those in older children, though mild gastrointestinal symptoms were a common side effect. Read More »

Hay fever vaccine on the horizon

For many, hay fever could be a thing of the past, thanks to a vaccine that may be available as early as 2011, according to the London Daily Mail. Read More »

WHO responds to BMJ investigative report

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan fired back Tuesday in response to an investigative report recently published in British Medical Journal. Read More »

Key to fighting malaria found in yellow fever vaccine

Researchers at Rockefeller University may have found a way to fend off malaria by using a yellow fever vaccine, according to a report. Read More »

Solar powered refrigerator to make vaccines accessible worldwide

A solar powered refrigerator has been developed by Appropriate Technology Collaborative that will allow vaccines to be cooled in parts of the world without electricity. Read More »

Scientists reject questions of WHO pandemic warning

Two investigations suggesting that the World Health Organization exaggerated a pharmaceutical industry warning of the H1N1 flu becoming a pandemic have been rejected by scientists. Read More »

Strong effort presented in fight Afghani polio fight

Officials with the World Health Organization reported this week that they have vaccinated more than 1.2 million children in Afghanistan in an effort to fight polio following an outbreak in Tajikstan, according to a news report filed by the UN News Centre. Read More »

Potential measles outbreak at Walmart shareholders meeting

Approximately 142 Walmart shareholders in Fayettville, Arkansas, were given measles vaccines as a precautionary measure after an attendee took ill with measles-like symptoms, according to officials with the Arkansas Department of Health. Read More »

Hepatitis A outbreak feared in Colorado

Officials with the Pueblo City-County Health Department in Pueblo, Colorado, alerted the public to a possible hepatitis A exposure that may have occurred on May 31 at Desert Hawk at Pueblo West golf course. Read More »

More than 100 whooping cough cases in San Luis Obispo

The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department in San Luis Obispo, California, has identified more than 100 cases of whooping cough this year, according to a San Luis Obispo Tribune news report. Read More »

Shingles vaccine largely ignored

Although a vaccine for shingles has been available since 2006, a report released by the New York TImes said many people aren Read More »

Hong Kong to trash 2.8 million swine flu vaccine doses

Health officials in Hong Kong announced on Thursday that they intend to throw away 2.8 million doses of unwanted swine flu vaccines valued at approximately $28.2 million. Read More »

Flu summit held in West Virginia

Health officials in West Virginia are hoping to encourage influenza immunizations by holding the state's first annual flu summit. Read More »

Novavax completes construction of vaccine facility

Novavax officials announced this week that they have completed construction of a new vaccine facility in India. Read More »

FDA seeks additional GlaxoSmithKline meningitis vaccine data

Officials with GlaxoSmithKline have announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has requested more information about the company Read More »

Bill Gates to finance Argentine vaccine development

Officials with the Argentine government announced recently that a local scientist Read More »

Capitol Hill briefing addresses neglected tropical diseases

Government officials, researchers and pharmaceutical representatives agreed last week at the Congressional Malaria and NTD Caucus in Washington, D.C., that progress is being made to curb neglected tropical diseases. Read More »