University of Georgia, Sanofi Pasteur researchers design new H1N1 influenza vaccine

Scientists at the University of Georgia and Sanofi Pasteur, which is the vaccines division of Sanofi, recently developed a new vaccine to protect people from H1N1 influenza. Read More »

Dengue-fever test vaccine shows promise in early clinical trials

A team of scientists at the University of Vermont (UVM) Vaccine Testing Center has been working to develop an efficient, single-dose vaccine designed to protect people from the four strains of dengue fever, and the team said this week that clinical trials on a test vaccine have been promising so far. Read More »

Vitamin D deficiency inhibits immune recovery for HIV patients

University of Georgia researchers have discovered that a deficiency of vitamin D may inhibit the efficacy of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatments in adults who are HIV positive. Read More »

Majority of first-time moms intend to accept vaccine schedule

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Georgia shows that 75 percent of first-time mothers plan to accept the recommended vaccine schedule. Read More »

Veterinary researchers discover important piece of antiviral defense

University of Georgia scientists recently discovered an important signaling protein involved in the immune response that protects bodies from influenza infections. Read More »

Innovative tools to fight parasite cryptosporidium

A team of scientists from the University of Georgia recently created innovative tools to understand and genetically manipulate a microscopic parasite known as cryptosporidium, which causes a diarrheal disease called cryptosporidiosis. Read More »

University of Georgia finds personal experience crucial to influenza vaccination decision

A study from the University of Georgia (UGA) indicates that personal experience relating to receiving the annual influenza vaccine can play a part in whether or not someone chooses to be vaccinated, researchers said Monday. Read More »

TB case confirmed in Vermont school worker

The Vermont Department of Health said last week that it recently diagnosed a school employee with tuberculosis. Read More »