Immunovaccine, Leidos to collaborate on Zika virus vaccine

Clinical stage vaccine producer Immunovaccine Inc. and Leidos, which focuses on national security and infrastructure solutions, will partner to develop a vaccine against Zika virus and infection. Read More »

Study shows Ebola survivors treated in clinics struggle with additional health problems

A recent study in Sierra Leone showed surviving Ebola patients who were treated in care clinics struggle with long-term health problems. Read More »

University of Alberta study shows peroxisomes fight mosquito-borne viruses

A recent study from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta shows how peroxisomes may be crucial in the fight against West Nile virus and dengue fever. Read More »

York University scientists say flu-fighting strategies should be tailored to regions

Scientists from York University have discovered that strategies for fighting influenza need to be more individualized to each region and city to be more effective in protecting people from the virus. Read More »

Scientists use human DNA system to battle HIV infections

University of Saskatchewan scientists have discovered an ancient “error correction” system that is located inside the human genome and that may give the body some protection against HIV infections. Read More »

Study shows Truvada disrupts HIV transmission for high-risk patients

Scientists recently conducted a study showing that HIV transmission may be prevented when people at high risk for the infection take Truvada. Read More »

Women living in Ontario have higher HIV rates than other Canadians

A study to assess serious pregnancy and delivery complications shows that women in Ontario have higher rates of HIV than any other immigrants or women born in Canada. Read More »

Refugee women living in Ontario have higher HIV rates

A study that was originally conducted to evaluate serious pregnancy and delivery complications has discovered that refugee women in Ontario have significantly higher rates of HIV than other immigrants or women born in Canada. Read More »

IDT Biologika purchases Gallant Custom Laboratories

IDT Biologika recently announced that it has acquired Gallant Custom Laboratories, an autogenous vaccine manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada. Read More »

Streptococcus vaccine clinical trial begins

The Pan-Provincial Vaccine Enterprise, Inc. (PREVENT) and Vaxent announced Tuesday that they have launched their Phase 1 clinical trial for StreptAnova, a vaccine engineered to protect people against Group A streptococcal (GAS) infections. Read More »

Study shows Ontario near UN targets to end AIDS epidemic

People with HIV in Canadian province are being well cared for, but gaps still exist for young gay men Read More »

Replicor reveals clinical trial data at Global Virus Hepatitis Summit

Replicor Inc., a privately owned biopharmaceutical company that focuses on creating cures for people with chronic hepatitis B (HBV) infections and hepatitis D (HDV) infections, recently announced that a representative will present updated clinical data from its REP 301 clinical trial at the Global Virus Hepatitis Summit. Read More »

Latest update for Indiana HIV outbreak

Health officials recently released the latest information about the HIV outbreak located in southern Indiana. Read More »

Canadian government financially supports influenza vaccine research

A recent announcement states that the Canadian government has invested approximately $1 million in financial support for the research and development of a vaccine for influenza. Read More »

First measles case of 2015 confirmed in Massachusetts

A recent announcement from the Hinton State Laboratory has confirmed the first measles case for 2015 in the state of Massachusetts. Read More »

PAML and Axela partner for diseases preventable with vaccines

Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML) said Monday it is partnering with Axela, Inc. to create multiplex assays that will emphasize the immune status for diseases that are preventable with vaccines. Read More »

Maple syrup may make antibiotics more effective

Researchers at McGill University have made significant progress in increasing the effectiveness of antibiotics by using an extract from maple syrup. Read More »