East Carolina University offering $20 iTunes card to encourage HPV vaccine uptake

East Carolina University’s student health services center recently began offering compensation to students who complete the Genital Human Papilloma Virus vaccination cycle.

The HPV vaccination is now available to all students through the health center. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world, especially among college students. It is also the leading cause for certain types of cancers, according to TheEastCarolinian.com.

The new program, called Knock Out HPV, provides the vaccination to voluntary participants who are of good health. In return, students are given a $20 iTunes gift card and are entered into a drawing to win an iPad2. The entire three-dose cycle must be completed before the compensation is awarded.

“The vaccine is recommended for females ages 13 to 26 years and males 22 to 26 years old,” Jennifer Williams, a university pharmacist said, TheEastCarolinian.com reports.

First year clinical laboratory sciences major Carrie Beard said that she is happy that the university and its students are being proactive about the risk of HPV.

“I’m glad the vaccine is being offered to students so they can take measures to protect themselves and others,” Beard said, TheEastCarolinian.com reports. “Even though I am already vaccinated I’ll be sure to tell my friends that such a good opportunity is available to them.”

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  • AnneS

    I wonder how much the school makes off the vaccine, that they are willing to give out $20 itunes cards and an ipad? Big money in vaccines for everyone, except the victim that develops chronic illness or worse.

  • TriciaW

    Are you kidding me? I know one college my children won’t even be allowed to apply to. Shame on you East Carolina for getting in bed with pharmaceuticals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/creditcoach Lucy Brenton

    Well, we must stop these students from breeding. We know the Gardasil shots are very effective at wrecking women’s reproductive health. What an inexpensive way to cull the herd. :-(