Genetic defect may provide avenue to combat certain viral infections

DNA helix

Tweet The National Institutes of Health released study results on Wednesday that showed a rare genetic disease may protect patients from severe or recurring viral infections such as HIV and influenza. Researchers found that patients with the congenital disorder glycosylation … Read More »

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Research reveals targeting mosquito sperm storage could help combat malaria


Tweet A collaborative team of researchers published study results on April 7 that showed reducing the fertility of malaria-carrying mosquitoes may provide a new avenue to control the disease. The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of … Read More »

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MRSA genome sequencing leads to better understanding of disease severity


Tweet Researchers at the University of Bath released study results on Thursday that revealed the genome sequence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which may lead to personalized treatment for individual infections. “The standard approach has always been to focus on a … Read More »

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Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance receive funding from NIAID


TweetThe National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Wednesday that it will provide funding for five Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance to further influenza pandemic preparedness. The CEIRS locations will study influenza to understand the … Read More »

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WHO provides Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus update


Tweet The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the Ministries of Health of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates confirmed new human cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus. In Saudi Arabia, four cases laboratory-confirmed cases were reported … Read More »

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Oregon alters school vaccination exemption requirement to include nonmedical exemptions

Child Vaccination

TweetThe Oregon Public Health Division provided more information on Tuesday regarding the state’s new nonmedical exemption law for vaccination and how it relates to vaccination requirements in schools. The law renamed the “religious exemption” the “nonmedical exemption” to make allowances … Read More »

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Hong Kong CHP confirms and monitors new case of avian influenza A

Centre for Health Protection CHP

TweetThe Hong Kong Department of Health’s Centre for Health Protection said on Wednesday that a new human case of avian influenza was reported in Anhui and it is closely monitoring the patient. The patient is a 69-year-old man who is … Read More »

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WHO reveals first treatment guide for hepatitis C

hepatitis C

Tweet The World Health Organization issued on Wednesday its first treatment guide for hepatitis C, which affects between 130 million and 150 million people worldwide and causes at least 350,000 deaths every year. “The WHO recommendations are based on a … Read More »

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PeptiDream reveals new anti-influenza macrocyclic peptide therapeutic

Anti-polio efforts rekindled in Middle East by U.N. and partners

Novartis partners with Malaria No More to provide treatment in Zambia

Bristol-Myers Squibb announces new drug applications for hepatitis C treatments

Risk of dengue fever spreading to Europe increases with climate change

3-D structure reveals malaria genome, may contribute to new anti-malaria strategy

Global Virus Network gathers leading virologists to tackle chikungunya fever

WHO provides update on Ebola virus in West Africa

WHO Director-General Chan encourages focus on vector-borne disease during World Health Day

Bexsero receives Breakthrough Therapy designation from FDA

Meningitis Research Foundation Ireland hopeful meningococcal vaccine will be approved

U.N. Secretary general Ban asks for donation increase in fight against malaria

Nothing But Nets announces sports-themed challenge for World Malaria Day

Janssen initiates Phase 3 trials of combination dose of simeprevir and sofosbuvir

Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection investigates two imported cases of dengue fever

Global Fund looks to China for pharmaceutical expertise

U.N. official urges donor community to increase cholera support in Haiti

Sanofi Pasteur receives FDA approval to use Adacel vaccine on 10-year-olds

NIH study finds HIV-infected men at increased risk for heart disease

Study creates new model to identify good bacteria that protect women from HIV

GSK announces $216 million investment to support and improve African healthcare

California Department of Public Health reports increase in measles cases

New Hampshire Immunization Program 2014 recognizes medical practices, highlights adult immunization

GAVI Alliance joins with UNICEF and WHO to offer rotavirus vaccine in Cameroon