Lao becomes first GAVI supported country to introduce pneumococcal and cervical cancer vaccines


TweetThe GAVI Alliance announced on Wednesday that the Lao People‚Äôs Democratic Republic became the first country in South East Asia to introduce the pneumococcal vaccine and to begin a demonstration project for the HPV vaccine. The vaccinations began at a … Read More »

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Infectious diseases claim 17,315 lives on Chinese mainland


TweetThe Chinese Ministry of Health announced on Friday that infectious diseases killed 17,315 people in total across the Chinese mainland in 2012, an increase from the 15,802 killed in 2011. The most deadly disease on the Chinese mainland was AIDS … Read More »

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Two test positive for bird flu in China

Tweet China’s health ministry reported two human cases of H5N1 bird flu on Sunday in Guiyang, China. Both patients are critically ill, according to state media. A 31-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman developed symptoms on February 3 and February … Read More »

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Vietnam steps up efforts in bird flu fight

Tweet Authorities in Vietnam are increasing their efforts to fight bird flu after four fatalities were reported in January. Authorities are preparing to fend off the disease in the face of Lunar New Year, when an annual dramatic increase in … Read More »

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Mongolia holds meeting on sustainable immunization financing

TweetMongolia recently held its first national parliamentary briefing on sustainable immunization financing, discussing how best to finance immunizations after funding from the GAVI Alliance ends. Members of Mongolia’s parliament, officials from the Ministry of Health and officials from other government … Read More »

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Scientists study occurrence of canine influenza in China

Tweet Chinese scientists recently published the first systematic surveillance of H3N2 canine influenza virus among differing dog populations in southern China. The study was conducted on two H3N2 CIV A virus strains Guangdong province – one collected at a dog … Read More »

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HIV/AIDS cases on the rise in China

Tweet The number of new HIV/AIDS cases in China has grown approximately 13 percent in the first 10 months of the year, leading the country’s premier-in-waiting to promise that non-government organizations would become more involved. Li Keqiang recently spoke with … Read More »

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Thousands of pigs culled in Chinese foot-and-mouth outbreak

TweetChinese health officials ordered approximately 2,500 pigs to be culled over fears of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Forty-three pigs were initially infected and died from the illness at a large pig farm near Dalian City in Lianing Province, prompting slaughter … Read More »

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Chinese researchers isolate IBV in chickens

Protesters interrupt TB conference in Malaysia

Cambodian dengue fever kills 170 children through October

Drug-resistant malaria reported in Myanmar and Vietnam

Concern spreads about drug-resistant malaria

Cholera outbreak in China declared over

Artemisisin-resistant malaria spreads in SE Asia

WHO Western Pacific Region closer to eliminating measles

China and Vietnam face H5N1 outbreaks

New bird flu strain appears in Vietnam

Multi drug-resistant TB reported at alarming levels worldwide

Nepal tourists warned about cholera outbreak

Hong Kong reports imported cholera case

Afghanistan anti-measles campaign reaches 5.6 million

Pakistani police called to aid in polio vaccinations

Bird flu exercise held in Malaysia

Dengue fever kills 60 children in Cambodia between January and June

Taliban polio vaccine ban may affect 280,000 children

Polio vaccination volunteer attacked in Pakistan

Militant commanders in Pakistan ban polio vaccine

Girl dies of bird flu in Indonesia

U.N. presses for unity against malaria in Southeast Asia

Polio cases on the rise in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Vietnam first Asian nation to reach WHO standards on TB treatment