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Researchers develop new method to identify vaccine targets


TweetResearchers have identified a new means of developing vaccine targets that may allow them to cut off certain types of evolutionary defenses. Decades of research and numerous clinical trials have failed to yield results in a search for effective vaccines … Read More »

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Naproxen shows antiviral activity against flu


Tweet French researchers have discovered that the over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug naproxen may also exhibit antiviral activity against the influenza A virus. New influenza vaccines must be developed every year because of mutations in the virus’ surface proteins. The French research … Read More »

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Rwandan health minister lauds successful launch of measles and rubella vaccine

Agnès Binagwaho

Tweet Rwandan health minister Agnès Binagwaho recently discussed her country’s rollout of a new measles and rubella vaccine. Binagwaho said the new vaccine is fundamental, not just for Rwanda’s health, but also for the health of the entire world. She … Read More »

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Measles guidelines on planes miss majority of infections


Tweet An Australian study recently determined that measles can be spread on planes in rows far beyond infected passengers. The new study raises questions about current measles control guidelines for the illness. Guidelines in the United States, Europe and Australia … Read More »

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U.S. parents still cold on HPV vaccine


TweetThe number of U.S. parents concerned about possible side effects from the human papillomavirus virus vaccine has grown despite the insistence from doctors that it is safe and efficacious against cervical cancer. Over a three-year period beginning in 2007, those … Read More »

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UCLA creates method to predict possible pandemic origin locations

UCLA logo

TweetResearchers from the University of California Los Angeles have used a new method of analyzing flu surveillance and other data to predict that coastal and central China and Egypt’s Nile Delta may become hotspots during the next pandemic influenza outbreak. … Read More »

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Key West official reacts to CDC dengue report

Dengue fever

Tweet Public Health Officials in Key West, Florida, recently responded to a report concluding that dengue fever has returned to the U.S. mainland after a decades-long absence. Monroe County Health Department Administrator Bob Eadie said the report, which was conducted … Read More »

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U.K. publishes results of novel coronavirus investigation


Tweet A newly issued report details the findings of an investigation into a family cluster of novel coronavirus infections in the United Kingdom. The report, recently published in the journal Eurosurveillance, indicates the infections indicate some qualities similar to the … Read More »

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Greenphire announces payment system contract with Bavarian Nordic

Advaxis nominated for Novartis award

Britain’s top doctor warns of drug-resistant microbes

Ebola virus deadly, not apocalyptic

New Jersey hospital visitors potentially exposed to measles

Vaccine developer receives synthetic biology grant

Study shows flu travels through air

Nigerian state reports 361 measles cases since start of 2013

EMA opens debate on animal-product use in vaccines

Study suggests malaria resistance continues to rise along Thai-Myanmar border

Fordham von Reyn honored for TB vaccine

Bill Gates to focus on worldwide polio eradication by 2018

Breakthrough may allow newborn vaccines

Influenza vaccine pushed for “cocooning” effect

Nigerian state to use security services for polio campaign

Nigeria state more than doubles polio vaccination teams for upcoming campaign

Cambodia identifies ninth case of H5N1 in 2013

Tennessee lawmakers sponsor meningitis requirement for public universities

San Diego public health officials record two additional flu deaths

Bacteriophage shown to take over cholera’s immune system

BHI to form Commercial Relevance Advisory Board

Head of UN development program speaks about MDGs

RxAlly and Shenandoah University team up to increase pneumocaccol vaccine uptake rates

Texas A&M students build vaccine-refrigerating bicycle