UNAIDS to create international scientific consultation panel on HIV

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS is establishing an international scientific expert panel on HIV to ensure the best evidence is used to battle the deadly disease, the agency announced on Monday. Read More »

MEDICC publishes issue on Cuban healthcare

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba published a MEDICC Review journal issue on Thursday based on matters related to Cuban primary healthcare. Read More »

Study finds no link between vaccines, autism

Flu vaccine Read More »

Breakthrough foot-and-mouth vaccine announced

British scientists announced a breakthrough vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease this week that is both safer and easier to manufacture. Read More »

Gates continues efforts to eradicate polio

Bill Gates Read More »

WHO issues warning over SARS-like virus

SARS Read More »

Flu outbreak prompts changes to Communion in Boston

Robert Deeley Read More »

H5N1 bird flu kills child in Indonesia

H5N1 Read More »

Novel coronavirus can infect cells from range of animals

Researchers working with the novel coronavirus that infected patients from three Middle Eastern countries found that the virus can infect cells from multiple species, according to a study released on Tuesday. Read More »

N.H. hepatitis outbreak causes concern in other states

A former traveling hospital lab technician may have put hundreds or thousands of patients at risk after contracting hepatitis C and allegedly tampering with consumer products. Read More »