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CDC urging 23 to receive rabies vaccine after transplant-related death


TweetThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that it is encouraging 23 people to get the rabies vaccine after four patients were discovered to have received organs from an infected donor. Public health officials in Georgia, Florida, … Read More »

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New compound shows promise as antimalarial

oregon health and science university

TweetA new antimalarial developed by Oregon researchers has potential to be considered a breakthrough against the mosquito-borne illness that kills 1.2 million annually. Scientists at the Oregon Health and Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center have said, while … Read More »

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Measles outbreak continues in Wales


Tweet Public health officials in Great Britain recently announced that 64 new measles cases were reported in Wales around or in the city of Swansea. The outbreak has infected a total of 316 people, mostly children, and 42 have needed … Read More »

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Australian study links sunlight exposure to tuberculosis rates


Tweet A new study suggests there is a link between the human body’s levels of vitamin D and the risk of developing tuberculosis. The research, which was presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian Society for Infectious Diseases … Read More »

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WHO and Global Fund warn about tuberculosis threat


TweetThe World Health Organization and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria recently issued a warning about the growing threat from drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis. WHO and the Global Fund said the TB bacterium’s resistance to multiple drugs … Read More »

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Arbovax dengue vaccine moves to Phase I clinical trials

Arbovax logo

TweetThe development-stage biotech company Arbovax recently announced it is ready to move to Phase I clinical trials of its novel dengue fever vaccine. Arbovax said it is ready to begin further testing of its tetravalent dengue vaccine because of its … Read More »

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New models to predict pandemic flu


Tweet Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles are creating new means to predict where a major new influenza outbreak is likely to emerge. Experts fear of what would happen in the event of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza … Read More »

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Think tank analyzes U.S.-South African HIV/AIDS partnership


Tweet The Center for Strategic & International Studies recently released a report on the future of collaboration between the United States and South Africa in the fight against HIV/AIDS. South Africa currently has the highest burden of HIV/AIDS in the … Read More »

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Indian scientists research malaria vaccine

Chicken pox cases fall in Australia after vaccine introduced

Novel vaccine patch in development for use against ear infections

New Zealand launches seasonal flu vaccine campaign

Yemen receives $4 million from Global Fund to fight malaria

Indian district hit with hepatitis B vaccine shortage

PAHO/WHO devote funds to prevent cholera in Haiti

Anti-cancer compound found in plant may target malaria parasite

Drugstore group urges more vaccination authority for pharmacists

New study contradicts conventional wisdom on cancer therapies

Hong Kong facing shortage of chickenpox vaccine

AmVac AG publishes preclinical data on RSV vaccine

Superbug outbreak relatives strike out at England’s health system

Two-year-old cured of HIV infection

German institute says Cell Therapeutics did not provide sufficient data for drug cancer drug assessment

Burundi officially adds second dose of measles vaccine to national schedule

Pakistani officer fatally shot while guarding polio workers

Influenza virus infectiousness heavily affected by indoor humidity

Measles outbreak hits Wales, 190 infections confirmed since November

Australian researchers begin human trials on Streptococcus A vaccine

Washington University researchers develop new air filter for viral particles

Inviragen advances to next stage of dengue vaccine study

Brazil hit by dengue outbreak

Rwandan success leads to use of dual-vaccine