About Us

Founded in October 2009, Vaccine News Daily (VND) is an Internet-based newswire dedicated to 24/7 coverage of communicable diseases and vaccine development.

Today, with globalization facilitating the spread of disease and biological terror a constantly looming threat, the influx of need-to-know news has become overwhelming, and prevailing media outlets have proven ill-equipped to keep up.

Vaccine News Daily will fill this void, providing up-to-date information on vaccines and communicable diseases to help scientists, government officials, and the general public stay abreast of current concerns and new developments.

We’re Chicago-based with staff writers and freelance correspondents stationed in and near all the major jurisdictions in the United States.

Our Writers

Vaccine News Daily’s reporting team is based around the nation to accurately cover the broad scope of vaccines and their impact on daily life. Our writers include Daniel Kamin, Jessica Limardo, Bryan Cohen, Paul Tinder, Ryan Parrish and Emma Rogers.

Andrew Kaleita serves as the editor for Vaccine News Daily.

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